Hammertime Short by Party Pants




  • Pigment print with a hammerhead shark and “Let’s get hammered!” banner
  • Stretchy quick-dry fabric
  • Regular Fit: 51% Cotton / 43% Polyester / 6%Spandex
  • Elastic waistband 
  • 16″ Outseam
  • Double Polyurethane dipped drawcords
  • Front seam pockets
  • Button closed back pocket
  • Internal stash pocket
  • Designed in California and ethically made in China
  • Free bottle opener ring
  • Free vintage motel keychain


  • Has nothing to do with M.C. Hammer, but everything to do with sharks drinking in the ocean.
  • Because sharks get thirsty, too.
  • Every pair comes with a free bottle opener and old-school motel keychain
  • He’s a hammerhead shark, you see.  Hence the “Let’s get hammered!” banner.  What were you thinking it means?

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